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Welcome to the temple of Bliss

In Buddhist countries, the construction of a temple is considered like a humanitarian activity by excellence. It is as well as for several years, the Venerable Lama KonchogTharchin Rinpoche is engaged in the construction of a monastery school at the request of the local population of Mandoglu. The aim is to allow each child as a unique person in a country that has over a billion people, where parents are often poor and must send their young children to work.

The Venerable Lama Konchog Tharchin Rinpoche, spiritual director of the Tibetan Buddhist Center Drikung Kagyu Rinchen pal began the construction of a Tibetan monastery known as DRIKUNG KAGYU THEKCHOK OTSAL LING in Tibetan or the Temple of bliss.

Construction began in 2005 in a paradisiacal place, on Mandoglu in India, close to the sacred Lake of Padmasambhava (Rewalsar).The goal first of its construction: "the happiness of all beings." It will allow lamas, Westerners seeking to study Buddhist philosophy or to pensioners, to create a school for 30 children, an international library, and a temple, important place of worship.

Generosity it is the result of a reflection on the meaning of our own life.You can participate in the construction of a rich project of sense in showing your support for the Temple of bliss with a donation.

No gift is trivial, because each paid amount contributes to the success of this great human adventure. Every donor will receive the complete file, with the architectural plans of the project. It will be also invited to the inauguration in the presence of his Holiness the Dalai-Lama, his Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Tchesang Toulkou Rinpoche and 400 monks and lamas and as many lay people more.

Form of participation in the project

THE TEMPLE of Bliss "D. K. T. Otsal Ling"

This Centre will host Westerners wishing to study Buddhist philosophy, in addition to the temple, an international library will be available for this purpose; retreats are also organized.

The school is scheduled for 30 children. The teaching of Buddhism fixed 5 primordial Science study: language Tibetan and English, grammar, medicine, the arts # tangkas, sculptures #, mathematics and Buddhist philosophy.

Accommodation : Older Tibetans and Ladakhi lamas will be also hosted, housed, fed, cared and privileges. He must know that 60-65 years, the lamas and monks are being expelled from monasteries. They are more hosted and should "muddle". They return in their village, but many have more family and found only!The templeThis temple is intended for all those wishing to pray and practice the teachings of the Buddha, to the happiness of all beings!

Mandoglu is a small village located in the District of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh in India 20 km from Tsopadma or the sacred Lake of Padmasambhava, a site coveted by pilgrims and tourists. It is here that was born Guru Rinpoche in 2880 BC, on a Lotus and was collected by King Trisong Detsen, who gave him the name of Guru Padma Gyalpo.

The construction advanced by donations. Companies participating in this project, will see their advertising badge on the website and the site in India.

Participate in the construction of a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism allows to accumulate very great merits and reborn in Dewatchen at the time of the death. Tibetans, before dying, had built a stupa to be sure of rebirth in Amitabha's Pure Land. We thank all donors # small or large # which permit the progress of this project. The objective is to preserve and promote in all directions, the Tibetan Buddhist culture, to endure monastic education and the Buddhist studies for future generations, in order that all human beings reach the State of Buddha and suffering be eradicated for ever. By carrying out this virtuous action, may all beings involved in this project and others quickly achieve enlightenment."This monastery is my offering to the earth..."

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