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Welcome to the Temple of Bliss

The precious teachings of the Buddha are for happiness and the good of all beings without exception. They are accessible to all those who wish to free themselves from the suffering of samsara and gradually achieve enlightenment: a State of perfect and ultimate Happiness.

The Tibetan Buddhist Centre "Rinchen Pal" has the great luck to have the presence of an unique and authentic master , the Venerable Drubpon Konchog Tharchin Rinpoche, spiritual director of the DRIKUNG KAGYU lineage in France but also great master of the NYINGMA lineage. For the preservation of the precious and holy Dharma, Ven. Tharchin Rinpoche began the construction of a school and a tibetan monastery in Himachal Pradesh.

This School and Monastery began in 2005. In April 2013, 40 students and 10 teachers will live at Mandoglu. All donators and sponsors will be invited to the ceremony of inauguration in 2014 with His Holiness Dalai-Lama and 60 monks, lamas and nuns.

Center of Tibetan Buddhism "Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Pal": 19 Rue Eridan - 91100 VILLABE - France - Tel: 01 60 86 26 13 -

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